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Trademark law not only protects against the actual use of a registered or unregistered trademark already in use by another, it also protects against the use of a mark that is confusingly similar to the actual mark of the owner. Bacher DeLand, LLC, hereinafter the “Company”, parent company of Gourmet Vapor, hereinafter “GV”, does its best to respect the trademarks of others and will be proactive to the best of our ability to block potentially trademark infringing user-created flavor names from being used. Please note, a trademark need not be registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) to be enforceable. A user is encouraged to perform their own due diligence when creating and posting a flavor name for their e-liquid creation. Among other resources, one may search the database of the USPTO at Site users are also put on notice of their potential liability to the owner of a registered or unregistered trademark.

Any and all potentially infringing user-created and named e-liquids found listed on the GV site (or any site under the ownership and/or control of the Company), or submitted in the future, will be reviewed and evaluated against this official company policy and any user-named e-liquids that are determined by the Company to be in violation of the naming policy will be renamed or deleted entirely.

Further, because GV operates an incentive program (see program details) which potentially pays a site user a commission on sales of their user-created and named flavor, we must advise that any user-created flavor name that potentially infringes the trademark of another will result in the disqualification of the user to receive any commissions for that item and the forfeiture of any and all accumulated commissions. The Company shall have complete and total discretion whether a user-created flavor name potentially, or actually infringes the trademark of another and the user shall have no further recourse should the Company determine a user-created flavor name potentially infringes the trademark of another.

If the Company, at its sole discretion, decides to edit or delete any user-created flavor name, it will send notice to the user’s email on record of the renaming and the reason for it. In the event of any dispute between the Company and the user that created the name, the company will have the final decision and authority to either rename or remove the name and custom e-liquid creation entirely with no consideration for any accumulated or future commissions attributed the disputed flavor name.

Any user who, after notification by the Company of a potential or actual trademark infringing e-liquid name, whether or not action was taken by the Company, who, when naming a custom created flavor again uses a potential or actual trademark infringing name, as determined by the Company, will subject their user account to deletion with no consideration for any accumulated or future commissions attributed the disputed flavor name, without further recourse.

The Company does not advocate trademark infringement and will not accept liability for a user-named e-liquid that potentially, or actually infringes the trademark of its owner. Upon receipt by the Company of any complaint by the verified trademark owner (registered or not), and upon official request by the verified trademark owner, the identity of the user that named the subject e-liquid, if known to the Company, may be released to the trademark owner for their use in prosecuting a legal action against the user who created the potential, or actual trademark infringing name.