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Aqua Cream 60ml

$ 17.95

Vortex is a swirling mess of tasty flavors, incorporating a base of honey-touched graham crackers with a dollop of fresh vanilla custard that is sure to bewilder the taste buds with such a complex flavor.

Surge infuses a glass of tall refreshing milk with the smooth fruity notes of sliced summertimes strawberries that is sure to delight the taste buds with this creamy fruity flavored vape.

Hydra (formerly Gold) is a tobacco eJuice blend, incorporating notes of fresh French vanilla custard to be infused into the perfect tobacco blend balanced for the palate.

Cyclone takes a cold bowl of fresh creamy milk and delivers the smooth flavor of sweet crunchy cereals that is sure to bless the tongue in a deluge of heavenly milky flavor enhanced by notes of cereal.

Lush is a creative recreation of a tangy lemon bar dessert, blending together notes of zesty lemon coupled with delectably fluffy cream to create a fruity dessert vape that hits the taste buds smoothly.

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