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Candy King Salts 15 ML

$ 12.95

All hail the Candy King! When it comes to intensely delicious vape juice flavors, this e-Liquid brand reigns supreme with their take on candy shoppe favorites, bubblegum fruit blends, and the ever-popular cereal/milk combos. Their fan-favorite line, The Bubblegum Collection, and its nic salt counterpart offers classic chewy bubblegum flavor dancing with sweet and tangy fruits for a unique puff that satisfies your sweet tooth. Take yourself on a wild ride with the top-selling Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, a fruity bubblegum swirl flavor, or try a sweet take on a cookie classic with Choco Cream, soft chocolate cookies filled with vanilla icing flavors. The candy kingdom is ready for winter with their delectable On Ice flavors, featuring the candy favorites you know and love with an arctic menthol twist. Created by the expert vape curators at Drip More, Candy King e-Liquids has mastered the art of the all-day vape that banishes mellow flavors and enthrones the bodacious and bold, so you can puff like royalty