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Colors E-liquid 100ml

$ 24.95

Colors Sour

This flavor kicks your hard candy expectations up a few notches with this rainbow assortment of flashy fun. The eye-popping blend picks up where the Fruity flavor by this brand leaves off. Revitalized and ready for round two, this sour vape juice looks to explore its way the full extent down the rainbow. Discovering the true gold found at the very end, this tangy candy wants to make sure you enjoy each flavor without getting overwhelmed by the lip-puckering punch that it provides. With a down pour coming from the open skies, you better open wide and be glad the strength doesn’t drive you insane. This fruity vape juice has all the potential but holds back the bold bite.

Colors Fruity

 This E-Juice might not preserve your life from the flood of flavors, but these hard candies are a real day-saver. With a beaming rainbow of bright hues and sweet tastes, you won’t know how much wild watermelon, whacky green apple, satisfying peach, and silky strawberry vape juice you’re able to take. As if seeing the sun for the first time in a week, your eyes and your taste buds may have a whole new experience in store for them when they are hit by this fruity blast. It could be hard to tell where these rings are going once they’re released out into your clouds. No matter what they do though, these hard loops of green apple, strawberry, peach, and watermelon vape juice always circle back around in the end.