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Stay Salty 60ml

$ 16.95

Sometimes you just have to shake things up, right? This blend is going to take a classic flavor that everyone knows and loves and adds in some new aspects that will capture your interest and make you want to continuously come back to them for a little bit of adventurous flavor that will capture your interest. This is the adventurous juice that you have been keeping an eye out to bring a little more energizing goodness into your routine. It definitely has that more unique taste about it that will have you refreshed and ready to have some fun, you will really love to access it when you can get away for a long weekend to the beach, for your daily commute to work and even on those days where you are just lounging around the house in your pajamas watching television. This blend really does capture the very essence of the summertime with its way of taking a taste that we all remember from get-togethers where you spend time with all of your family and friends and they bring it to you in a super convenient way that you can enjoy all of the time. Stay Salty E Liquid is a line of super fun, fruity juice blends that are packed with so much invigorating goodness that will perk you up in an instant. When you can taste them for the first time you will be shaken by just how bold that they really are. The flavor Straw Melon Lemonade Twist takes a hand-squeezed lemonade base and then adds in some sweet, crisp watermelon and ripe, juicy strawberry.